Aerial Silks


A mix of gymnastics and dancing, silks classes are a brilliant way to get stronger and learn the basics of this unique sport. A fantastic complement to the physical movement of climbing, silks classes are run by Tasneem, Micheala, Shannon, Katherine and Olivia, will get you started with everything you need to try silks safely and in a supportive environment. Beginners encouraged!


Our instructors.

Trial Classes

Intrigued by silks, but not sure where to start? Aerial Silks Trial classes are a great way to try your hand at this incredible sport and fitness alternative. We’ll show you some silks basics, introduce you to our instructors, and provide full information about our 4-week and 6-week classes.

Suitable for beginners. Payment must be made in advance to secure your place.

1 x 1 hour lesson

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Our term course is ideal for all experience levels. Whether you’ve already mastered the basic routines, or are just starting out in the world of silks, our course instructors will give you all the time and instruction you need to take your abilities further.

6 Week Course

Class instructors: Olivia and Katherine

6 x 1 hour lessons

Start date with Olivia:
Tuesday 13th March 2018 3, 4, 5pm
Wednesday 14th 12pm
Thursday 15th 6pm, 7pm


Start date with Katherine:

Tuesday 20th March 7am



8 Week Beginner Course

Class instructors: Tasneem

8 x 1 hour lessons

Start date:
Friday, Saturday  – 9th, 10th March 2018 4pm, 5pm ,6pm, 7pm
Sunday – 11th March 2018 10am, 11am and 12pm


More Info

– To secure your spot in a class you must pay 50% deposit and balance owing at first class, can be paid over the phone or in person.
– Enroll in an 8,6 or 4 week course and you will attend that same class and time slot for the duration of the course.
– Courses will include open practice sessions.
– Open practice means students go over things that they have learnt and confident in without the trainer instructions.
– Must give 48hours notice if you cannot attend your regular class or you will lose that lesson. (NO MAKE UP CLASS AVAILABLE FOR 4 WEEK COURSE)
– 8 or 6 week courses will have one make up class available per student and term (NOT AVAILABLE ON OUR 4 WEEK TERM)
– HIIT, Sweat and stretch & Pilates classes are available to all students for free when purchasing a 4, 6, 8-week course.
– Communication platform through Facebook, will have regular updates and announcements for existing students

Do you have a question about Aerial Silks, or want to enrol for the term? Get in touch using the contact form below.