Meet the Team: Amir

This time in our meet the team series, we’re introducing you to Amir. Amir started with Rocksports in 2016, and is the brother of Taz, our long-time staff member and silks instructor. We caught up with Amir to find out what he gets up to when he’s not at work, and get all the goss about Taz from their childhood.


Hey Amir!

Now, as most people know, you’re Taz’s brother. What embarrassing story can you give us about her from when you were growing up?

I have sooo many embarrassing stories, many of which are pretty nasty and I’ll save Taz the embarrassment, but I do have a cute/equally embarrassing childhood story of the both of us. When we were little after it rained at night we all used to go out into the garden with our dad, we all got to light and hold a candle while we searched for the snails that would come out after the rain, one night I may have gotten a little too close to my sister with the candle and burnt a fair bit of her hair! We were banned from carrying candles after that. On a related note we loved making snail motels and our mum gave us ‘snail food’ to feed them which we only recently found out was snail poison hahaha.


When you’re not at the gym running belay demos for those hordes of screaming youngsters, what do you like to get up to?

My first love is my garden. It’s only a small postage stamp of a garden but I manage to find a way to spend all my free time working away in it and filling every square inch with plants. I find no better pleasure than tilling away at the soil or harvesting a fresh crop of fruits, flowers, or vegetables. My second love is my kitchen. It’s my art, the expression of myself, my heritage, and my travels. I also enjoy sharing my cooking with family and friends. So essentially people like to describe me as an old ethnic grandma!


Anyone who has been to our Sweat and Stretch class have seen you and Taz’s ability to contort into sorts of incredible poses. Why are the members of the Gaffoor family so outrageously flexible!? Any tips?

Well I believe there are two main reasons we may seem more flexible etc to others.

First and foremost is our highly competitive nature. If we have an audience or we believe we have a good chance at winning something we will give it all we got to succeed, whether it be vying for the title of our mothers favourite child (a title still under debate), or being the one with the most flexible back! It’s all the same. Conversely, if we feel like we don’t stand a chance at winning then it was never a competition in the first place and why are you even making a big deal about it!

The second reason is we may have a higher pain threshold, well that’s what people tell me anyway. The average person would get into a position and they might start to feel a little discomfort and pain and keep it at that, but I am usually not satisfied until my muscles are spasming and the joints go a little numb. But hey, it works!

What’s the best thing about working at Rocksports?

The environment created by the awesome staff and members. Everyone is just so positive and friendly, it really rubs off and makes the time spent at Rocksports so much more enjoyable. Every shift or climb is always filled with good conversation, some good laughs and good stories.

Thanks Amir!