Meet the Team: Ben

Today, we chat with Ben: Long-time staff member, HIIT trainer, and all-round top bloke. We get to know a bit about Ben’s work history, and how much he loves instructing people to give wedgies.

jesus ben
Our lord and saviour? Or HIIT instructor?

Give us a run down of some of the jobs you’ve had before you joined Team Rocksports – I know you’ve had a pretty eclectic work history!

That’s a long list, but the ones worth mentioning would be Personal Trainer, Butcher, Kayak Safari Guide (Greece) and Bartender. I’ve been lucky enough to experience and learn a wide range of skills and have worked with some very interesting people over the years. I particularly like any job that’s physical and involves interacting with others. There’s never been one career or line of work where I thought ‘Yeah, that’s what i’d like to do for the rest of my life’. So for now, I’ll keep trying a little bit of everything.

What was your first experience with rock climbing?

My early experiences with climbing were almost all at Rocksports. When we were young, my Dad would bring my sister and me to Rocksports, and we’d have a blast. I only climbed casually back then, but over the years I had more experiences in different environments (including one unfortunate incident that lead to naked rock climbing to rescue my board shorts) and it soon became a frequent part of my life.

oldschool rocksports
Old-school Rocksports.

As people may be aware, you regularly run Rocksports’ HIIT on Wednesday nights. Can you tell us a little bit about these classes and why people should check it out?

HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) is always the highlight of my week. We regularly have a diverse crowd, from our Juniors team up to our senior climbers. I’ll always try to keep the workout full of variety . . . . . with extra Burpees! We try to hit that sweet spot between Resistance, Endurance and Cardio exercise so climbers have a chance to work on other areas of fitness they normally might not get to. Exercising with others also gives people the motivation to push much harder than they often could on their own. It feels great to count down the final set then watch everyone collapse like sweaty dominos (myself included).

What’s the best thing about working at Rocksports?

You mean other than Winston?
The community is easily the most positive and friendly I’ve ever encountered. Everyone including the staff, our members and even the casual climbers are all there to either have fun, exercise, challenge themselves or all of the above. Casey and Tory are wonderfully encouraging bosses. With their help and support, we’ve been able to develop the HIIT, Sweat and Stretch, Silks and many other programs we run into they success they are today. Also, how many jobs do you regularly get to tell customers to give each other a wedgie.

ben with cousins

Cheers Ben!