Meet the Team: Michaela


This time in meet the team, we’ve pulled Michaela off the silks to answer a few questions. Michaela is one of our fantastic aerials instructors, and regularly works floor shifts at Rocksports – we’re sure you’ve seen that smiley face walking around the gym before!

Let’s get straight down to business – can you tell us something about yourself that we wouldn’t know? (The more embarrassing the better!)

I absolutely hate vegemite and I have never watched any of the Rambo movies. Perhaps not embarrassing, but it has certainly been a point of contention when people find out.

And back to work related matter: for those who don’t know what aerial silks is, can you describe it? Do you need to be super flexible and strong to get involved?

I guess it’s kind of like dancing… in the air. The aerialist performs a series of moves, poses, drops and falls to create a routine using the vertical fabric. Being strong and flexible will certainly help you, but we have structured the learning so that you can start at any level and develop your skills throughout the 8-week term.

Michaela making it look easy

That’s enough work. Are there any conspiracy theories you subscribe to?

Not a conspiracy, but definitely a hunch that dogs have outsmarted us in a way that none of us ever imagined. We give them a spot on the couch, we pay for their medical, we pick up their business, we buy all their meals. Think about it. They have won.

The sneaky doggos

People may not know, but you were a member of the Australian Defence Force for a number of years. Can you tell us a little bit about your work there, and how your time with the military shaped who you are today? (Other than introducing you to the wonderful Scotty – your future husband!)

Yeah, I spent 6 years working in the Army as a truck driver. In a work sense, it’s taught me a lot about professionalism, teamwork, respect and timeliness. In a personal sense, it gave me a higher level of strength and fitness, taught me about confidence in decision making, and provided me with very unique opportunities.

Lastly, how lucky are you, and why?

Good questions Tommy! Well, I guess it’s all about perspective.

On one hand, I have the wonderful Scotty Q at my side, I own a house, I have 2 cheeky dogs, and I have a fantastic job.

On the other hand, if there is a slightly uneven surface or a chance of knocking something over – I will have the worst luck in the world, guaranteed!

The indomitable duo – Michaela and Scotty Q

Thank Michaela!